About Us

Ancestral Sistah™913 is a business standing on spiritual principle. We offer 100% Premium Cotton wraps & shawls for the head, neck, & chest area, as a means of modesty & spiritual protection. 

After being led to Da13Sun™ & his divine messages, our founder

Shahnoor Bey, felt convicted by his words & began to take heed to the messages. She immediately made adjustments within her life & lifestyle but like most, she stumbled on the path. Never fully dismissing nor submitting to et 100%, just two years later the conviction set in hard. It was time to choose a side. 

After being stunned by her uncomfortableness, Shahnoor finally let the words come out during a call with her aunt. " I'm supposed to be doing something different with my life", she cried. And thus came "Ancestral Sistah 9.13"

Shahnoor knew her path was to align with the ways of the righteous  ancestors who came before her. She knew she was called to help restore the name of righteous Moors. So as a declaration to now fully submitting to the will of Th Most High(s), she wrapped a fabric turban on her head, FULLY this time, as Th Most High(s) had commanded Moses. 

"They were blissed to have ever seen my locs." Were her last thoughts before committing to headcovering. She went on to purchase headcovers from the Muslim women on social media, & quickly realized since headcovers were in her wheelhouse for fashion, this was something she could provide herself. And here we are.

So welcome to the shop! Shop our beautiful Queen Kollection™ & help us  "Restore the Beauty of Holiness"